Retail has changed in the 21st century. It’s no longer enough to simply offer your customers goods – they can shop online. In the modern age, customers are looking for an experience. Your retail store needs to provide something that no other store can. Ambiance and aesthetics count for a lot.


Hire Gregg Custom Painting to rejuvenate your retail store.  We offer a full suite of services, including exterior painting, power washing, and more. And with our years of experience and off-hours services, you’ll know your store will be in good hands. Whether you’re selling groceries or you’re servicing an underserved niche, we have the tools and techniques to bring your store to the next level.


We offer our commercial painting services in Scottsdale, throughout Arizona, and across several states, including Nevada, California, Utah, and Texas. The retail landscape is different in every state, but whether you’re running a corner store or a whole chain, we’ll deliver exceptional service that you can count on.

Give Your Retail Business the Appearance It Deserves

With over 40 years in the industry, we’ve tailored our painting services to meet the needs of retail business owners.  From Scottsdale to San Antonio, retail businesses have adapted to the realities of the 21st century by creating more inviting places to shop. Business owners are aiming to provide unique, tailored shopping experiences to their clients. Even the smallest details, from your use of accent lighting to your choice of interior paint, matter.


That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of painting services in Scottsdale. Whether you’re expanding your offerings with a new section for your store, revamping your look and layout, building a new store from scratch, or improving your retail experience in any other way, you can count on us to see your project through successfully.

Drywall repair

Drywall is a staple of retail store construction. It’s easy to paint, it’s inexpensive, and it can be used almost anywhere. There are disadvantages, though. Drywall can be damaged pretty easily. Fallen shelves, heavy products being moved too quickly, cart collisions – all this and more can cause denting and scratching in your drywall.


We offer drywall repair and replacement to help solve all of your drywall-related woes. Call us – we’ll repair any damage and color match the existing drywall to ensure that your facility maintains a cohesive look.

Exterior painting

A great retail experience starts before your customers even set foot in your doors. Your exterior sets the tone – it should be a reflection of your brand and aesthetics. Whether you’re an upscale shop or you’re fostering warm, welcoming vibes, the right coat of exterior paint can help you start things off on the right foot.


We’ll provide high-quality exterior painting services for your facility. With an astonishing variety of paint colors, high durability coatings, color matching techniques, and more, we’re sure to have the perfect paint for your building’s exterior.

High durability coatings

We’ve worked in cities from Salt Lake City to Scottsdale, and if there’s one thing we’ve noticed, it’s that low-quality paint cracks and fades – no matter what the weather is like. 


That’s why we offer high durability coatings to our retail clients. Our coatings resist high heat, storms, wind, and more – colors will stay vibrant, and the coatings are less prone to cracks and other problems. Keep your customers happy with beautiful, long-lasting paint – all while lowering your overhead costs by improving your paint’s lifespan!

Interior painting

Interior painting can do so much for retail space. It can help your customers navigate through the different sections of your store. It can enable you to create a whole different ambiance depending on where in your store your customers are shopping. When used in tandem with interior design principles, it can guide your customer through their shopping experience.


We offer interior painting services for retail stores, including consultations, a stunning array of different colors, high durability paints, and more.

New construction & remodel

Opening a new store? Remodeling your existing store? Adding a new section for your customers to enjoy?


We can help. We offer a wide array of new construction and remodeling services, including drywall repair, interior and exterior painting, power washing, floor grinding, and more. With decades of experience in the industry, we know how to coordinate with other contractors to get the project done on time and on budget. Take some of the stress out of your project – hire Gregg Custom Painting.


Your store might operate on the traditional 9-5. You might be open 16+ hours a day. No matter what your schedule is, one thing holds true: You don’t want any disruptions to your customers’ experience.


That’s why we offer off-hours services. We’re available to work on projects 24/7, and we’ll tailor our work to ensure that your customers can continue to enjoy your store without anything distracting them from their experience.

Power washing

Whether your customers like in Scottsdale or Las Vegas, none of them want to shop at a store that’s caked in grit and grime.  Fortunately, you may not need to get a new paint job – you may just need a simple power wash!


We have a number of power washing tools in our arsenal, enabling us to power wash a variety of different surfaces, including buildings, hardscaping (like sidewalks), patios, and more.

Floor grinding

Retail stores around North America use polished concrete to enhance customers’ experience. Polished floors are beautiful, come in a wide variety of colors, can incorporate your store’s logo, and are incredibly durable. They’re also easy to care for and can be imbued with anti-slip properties.


That’s why we offer floor grinding for retail stores. We’ll keep your floors in tip-top condition.


With the full suite of services we have available, we can help your retail store attract new customers and keep your existing customers coming back for more. We’re Gregg Custom Painting. With over 40 years of experience serving Scottsdale, Los Angeles, and other cities, we’re ready to help you bring your store to the next level.