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Safety Planning & Awareness

Safety is first on site and the last to leave™

The safety of our clients, our crews, and the environment is always our number one concern. This is why all projects at our firm start with a live site field evaluation and a written safety plan for every project.

Gregg Custom Painting safety plans create awareness to address potential safety hazards on projects and smart actions to avoid them so they never become a problem in the first place.

With our Firm’s focus on safety and the environment, you can rest assured of our commitment to Quality Performance in all aspects of our business.

Safety Planning and Environmental Peak Practices

At the start of every project, Gregg Custom Painting™ supervisors and crew members team up in the field for “tailgate meetings” on safety planning and environmental awareness of our activities. Constant training equips our crews to deliver work on time and within budget. But most importantly, to do so safely.

Our firm leads the way in providing comprehensive safety and education programs to protect our crews, clients, and the environment. We take pride in our commitment to impeccable safety standards, and awareness on environmental issues related to our industry and the communities we serve in.

As the body of safety and environmental research grows, we are committed to shifting, evolving and continuously improving, with the conviction that innovative technology can provide betterment solutions. These Practices, along with our strong commitments to safety, guides us as we responsibly address the issues our industry faces.

Methodical Safety Training and Commitments

Our company has a firm commitment to ongoing safety training and awareness programs. Our comprehensive training starts with the directors in our Safety & Environmental Department and then extending outside our organization to nationwide specialists in the field who can provide additional insights and solutions.

We are constantly providing comprehensive training to keep our crews updated on:

  • The newest safety practices
  • Environmental legislation
  • Application techniques
  • Better coating technologies
  • Including state of the art equipment for applications and rigging.

Our training Includes Such Things As:

  • Internal quantitative respirator fit testing
  • Procedures and operation for construction equipment
  • Correct use of personal protection equipment (PEP)
  • Hazardous materials use and disposal protocols
  • Project documentation
  • Maintaining state-of-the-art equipment
  • Safety solutions for high rigging projects
  • Comprehensible safety procedures at the project site

We look forward to challenges, opportunities, and a future full of promise. We invite you to explore our commitments to safety and track our progress!

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