Deciding what colors to paint the interior of your home or commercial property can be an overwhelming process. You may be looking at a color wheel and wondering what will work best for the layout of your home and what will suit you. Sorting out your color scheme is one thing but making sure your choices have a positive impact on your well-being is another. Your wall color is not permanent, but you want to be positive that you will enjoy living with it. We’ll be going over the benefits of paint colors and what effect they can have on your psychology:

Paint Color Psychology 

Some people may think the process of painting is as simple as choosing a color and rolling with it, but there is much more to consider. Wall color has an effect on us and that is an important factor when it comes to choosing paint colors. 

What is color psychology?

Consider room color carefully, as it can influence how you feel in a space. The wavelengths that come from the light will bounce off your retina and change into electrical impulses. These electrical impulses will travel to the hypothalamus in your brain, which impacts how you feel. 

Each choice on the color wheel will affect you differently. Knowing what each color indicates can help you decide the kinds of colors you want to represent you,  your home, and/or business space. 

Colors & Moods

Colors affect your mood and feelings. Some people may decide on going for warm tones; others may settle on cool tones. We can break down the colors of the rainbow and assist you in choosing a color.


When we think of red, we get a feeling of warmth. Red invites a stimulating and comfortable environment, perfect for most. Good places in your home for this color can be the bedroom, dining room, or basement. 


Orange also expresses warmth but conveys creativity and confidence as well. The color orange can serve well as a good social center in your home, perhaps in the living room, kitchen, or dining room. 


The color yellow promotes happiness and positivity. Yellow is an inspiring color and can be used in rooms where inspiration is needed, like an office or art room. Bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens can be places where happiness and positive feelings arise. Due to its versatility, it can work well in nearly any space. 


Green indicates a healthy, earth-based feeling that creates calmness, vitality, and health. The color green can also act as a booster for optimism and clarity. Rooms that invite calming feelings can be living room areas, basements, or bedrooms. Much like yellow, green can work in many spaces.


Blue conveys a feeling of tranquility that can help produce lower heart rates. Lowering your heart rate can lead to lower blood pressure which means that blue has health benefits. Blue can work as a very neutral room color where productivity and feelings of comfort can arise.


The color purple can create a sense of calm yet be uplifting, too. This can lead to feelings of inspiration in a nurturing manner and can work well in rooms where work and concentration are paramount for you. 

Other Colors

The beauty of paint colors is that you can mix them and get a variety of tones and shades. Whether you want warm tones like dark brown or cool tones of lighter purples, there is a multitude of different feelings and moods for you to create. Any possibilities can be tried, like combining blue and yellow to get a green or red and white to get specific pink.

You can even keep it simple with white, black, and gray. These colors are classy and are great for a slick and professional design.While you are figuring out the room colors in your residential home or commercial business, contact us today for the most reliable local Scottsdale commercial painting services. Get a start on the creative process of painting with our free color consultations. We can provide you with a lifetime warranty on any commercial, industrial or residential work we do, so you will never have to worry about the quality of your paint job.