Painting the interior of your business is an exciting process of self-expression. You get to decide what you want your walls to reflect and what you want them to say about your company. Settling on the right colors and shades might prove to be a challenging task. When an entire room is to be painted, you’ll want to ensure you choose wisely, making sure the colors will still be fashionable for years to come. Looking into the latest paint color trends can assist you in deciding what to choose. We’ll fill you in on the most popular paint colors of 2022:

Color of the Year

If you’re regularly looking at staying up to date with the latest picks, many brands select a color of the year. For 2022,  Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Behr, and PPG all settled on green. 

October Mist

According to Benjamin Moore, October Mist creates a canvas for other colors. This color goes well with earthy tones, providing a calming and relaxing environment. Other paint color trends that go along with this choice are Wild Flower, Pale Moon, Morning Dew, Venetian Portico, and High Park. 

Evergreen Fog

This is Sherwin Williams’ color of 2022. This organic green meets gray with a hint of blue, a calming hue that promotes sophistication. This color works well in spaces that require statement shades. Sherwin Williams states paint colors like Shoji White, Urbane Bronze, Accessible Beige, Uber Umber, Woven Wicker, and Bakelite Gold.


Behr’s color of the year is described as a sea glass green that promotes a relaxed, peaceful feeling. It’s a color that works well with various other shades, such as Creamy White, Taupe, Nuanced Pink, and Terracotta Red.

Olive Sprig

PPG’s color of the year, Olive Sprig, works as a versatile and elegant gray-green. According to PPG, it represents regrowth in a post-pandemic world. This color can be adaptable, working well with a selection of other choices like Lotus Petal, Oyster Shell, Peace, and Candlelit Beige. 

Organic Greens

The shades of green chosen by the aforementioned brands will provide a rejuvenating effect in your commercial space, which, in the year 2022, is something many people need. Going with an organic shade of green can promote feelings of growth and renewal. This can be an effective choice, especially in an age dominated by technology. Using green can positively affect your mood. 

A classy and popular choice is Emerald Green, which pairs with a variety of earthy neutral paint colors like silver or brown, making for a relaxing interior design.

Mint green also works in creating a sense of Zen and calm. We are seeing a growth in popularity with this shade, as it works well in complementing both warm and cool undertones. 

Natural/Calming Neutrals 

Keeping with the natural theme, sticking with natural colors that can also work as neutrals is always a safe bet. Light hues and tones, whether blue, green, sandy brown or off-white, can work in maintaining a feeling of relaxation and serenity. According to The Spruce, some additional neutral paint colors or shades to choose from:

  • Greige
  • Mist Gray
  • Mocha Foam
  • Powder Blush
  • Country Whitewash


Hues of pink are becoming quite popular in 2022 again. You can get away with subtle and stunning hues without it being too bright or tacky. Choosing a color like Rose can produce a soothing atmosphere, going along with the trend of peace and tranquility. Going with lush colors can create some dynamic and vivid options for you to pick from. These paint colors can work well in livening up your office space or in spaces that need a boost in positivity or energy. 


We’re seeing a trend in more boldness with paint colors in businesses. People are trying to think a little more out of the box while maintaining a sense of familiarity. Radiant reds and modern greens are some colors that are getting a lot of attention from those looking to make their workplace pop with color. 

How To Choose

Knowing how to utilize these paint colors or figure out what works best for you can be complicated. Here are some things to keep in mind before painting:

Color Psychology

It’s important to keep color psychology in mind when settling on a paint color. You’ll want to pick a color that has a positive effect on your mood. As you go through color trends and figure out what vibrant or elegant color trends you want, make sure you can feel them. You want to ensure that you feel happy when you look at those colors. You can rest easy knowing that there is a wide variety to choose from.

Be Creative 

Whether it’s an earthy shade or settling on popular paint color trends, you can always be creative when having your walls painted. It is one of the few times you get to determine how your interior looks. Have fun with it and play around with these paint colors before you start working. It doesn’t have to be a stressful process, as you have a lot to work with, and creativity just might come knocking. 

Look Online

Many popular color choices and ideas can be found online. A variety of resources can help you decide what colors to roll with. Some paint websites let you generate a variety of paint colors and combinations, as well as keep you updated on paint color trends. You can also look for inspiration on social media and blogs as to what some people are doing with their interior design, which can be helpful when putting together your own.For anyone who has any questions and inquiries about painting services, reach out to your local Scottsdale commercial painters. We can provide you with information on services and rates for any painting project. Don’t feel like you have to tackle these painting projects on your own. Reach out today and begin the artistic process.