As a business owner or property manager, there’s always something to do. Managing lawn care, fixing the plumbing, weatherstripping your doors and windows, repairing and replacing old fixtures and appliances. There’s almost always something you can do to fix problems or improve your place of business. You could even get a new coat of paint – something we believe doesn’t get enough spotlight in the business improvement world.

A fresh coat of paint is like a fresh lease on life for your business – it can brighten up your building, add a layer of protection to your walls, and give your business a totally new feel. It can also add tremendous curb appeal and value to your building.

One of the differences between painting your building and other building maintenance and improvement activities is that it can be hard to know when you should get a new coat of paint. You fix the plumbing when there’s an issue, and you add weatherstripping when yours is damaged or missing. Paint, on the other hand, fades slowly over time – the signs that you need a new paint job can be subtle.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll review the most common signs that your business needs a fresh coat of paint. It’s a pretty colorful article – let’s get started.

The color is fading

Paint shouldn’t fade too quickly, but when you choose darker colors, you may find there are drastically different shades of color on different parts of your building’s exterior. That’s because some areas will be exposed to sunlight more often than others.

It’s hard to say exactly when paint color has faded enough to warrant a fresh coat – it’s an “I know it when I see it” type of thing. In other words, if you’re not happy with how much your paint has faded, it’s time for a new coat. And if you’re getting complaints from customers, it’s well past time for a new coat. 

Have you found that your paint is fading too quickly for your liking? Talk to us. We can use more durable paints, including paints with higher UV resistance. We may also advise you to choose lighter colors. The lighter the color, the less noticeable uneven fading will be. 

Your walls are damaged

Obviously, you can’t just paint over damaged walls. You’ll need to repair the damage, then put a fresh coat of paint on top. It’s important to repaint the entire wall, not just the damaged sections if you want to maintain a cohesive look.

When walls are damaged, be it cracks in stucco or warping in wood, a new coat of paint serves two purposes. The first use is obvious: It will look better. But the more important thing is the protection that paint offers against further damage. 

Of course, paint will only protect your walls from some damage – it can’t stop things like water damage coming from a leaky pipe. Be sure you identify what did any damage to your walls and repair things like plumbing problems before repainting, or you’ll end up back at square one.

The paint is damaged

Paint damage can take a number of forms – you may see peeling, cracking, bubbling, and other problems. The damage can have different sources, from mistakes the painter made when applying a new coat to environmental factors like moisture levels and heat exposure.

Some business owners put off repainting when their paint is damaged, especially if the damage isn’t too severe. Proceed with caution: Damaged paint can leave your building exposed to the elements, and water may seep through the damaged areas. Keep an eye on damaged paint to ensure the damage isn’t spreading or affecting your walls. A fresh coat of paint will remove unsightly damage, all while protecting your business.

Gaps are forming between wooden boards

Over time, wood begins to dry out. This results in a loss of moisture, which makes wood do something that resembles shriveling: Wood shrinks, which can lead to gaps between wooden boards in your building.

You’ll want to seal these gaps. Once you do, it’s important to add a fresh coat of paint. This may not be traditional “paint” – it could be a simple wood sealant. Paints and sealants can help protect the boards from future damage. 

You’re thinking of selling your build, or renting to tenants

We love creative and unique paint for buildings just as much as we adore simple, elegant color. Realistically, however, when you’re selling or renting your business, only one person’s opinion matters: The prospective buyer or tenant’s.

The reality is this: Some colors sell better than others. Trends change, and the colors you should paint your building depend on where you do business, and what trends in your area look like. But as a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to get a fresh coat of neutral paint. Neutrals do a lot to enhance the feel of a space, and they make it easier for buyers to imagine themselves working in that space. 

You should, of course, consider your customers as well. If you’re hearing complaints about the color of your building, it’s probably time to make a change!

You’re tired of the color you’ve got

This sign is the polar opposite of the last one – it’s all about you. Did you paint your building purple, only to decide you’re more of an orange kind of person? Change it up! This is your business, after all. It can be any color you want it to be. Don’t settle for going to work in a space that doesn’t reflect your tastes.

Taking the careful approach

Paint protects your building’s exterior and interior – it should only be applied once all other repairs have been made. If there’s a source of water damage, address it before painting. Take care of any damaged materials, including caulking, before applying a fresh coat of paint – otherwise, find yourself repainting again. Be sure to prep the surface adequately before painting and to use exterior paint that’s suitable to your climate and your building’s level of UV exposure.

Different schedules for different materials

Wood siding tends to need a fresh coat more often than aluminum siding does, with the former needing to be painted around every 5 years and the latter needing to be painted around every 7 years. Brick facades, on the other hand, never need to be painted – but if you have painted yours, it’s a good idea to refresh the paint every 4 years.

Are you seeing the signs? Call the pros!

If after reading this article, you’ve realized that it’s time for a fresh coat of paint, we’ve got good news: You’re in the perfect place! Our painters in Scottsdale, AZ are some of the best in the business. We will help you find the perfect paint for your building – then we’ll carefully paint your exterior and/or interior. Your business will be rejuvenated – and protected!