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Need help choosing paint colors?

Gregg Custom Painting knows that the most breath taking painting and coatings projects start the perfect palette.

Selecting those colors for you has never been made easier then with Gregg Custom Painting.

That is why we have teamed with Dunn Edwards Paints, Sherwin Williams, Frazee, ICI and Ben Moore Paints for Interior Design Color Consultations to provide our clients with free color consultations**.

Our experienced color specialists can meet with you in-home or at one of their conveniently located stores near you to help you choose the perfect color for your Residence or Commercial Building.

Need some ideas fast?

Try out Sherwin Williams’ Color Visualizer to help you on the right track to a beautiful color scheme. You may also visit Dunn-Edwards’ The Perfect Palette color palette.

After you have some colors in mind, contact our office T 1-877-GO-GREGG (434-7344) for a free color consultation** so our color experts can provide you with helpful advice and tips about the best colors for your Residence.

**FREE Color Consultations for our clients!

To qualify for a FREE color consultation from Gregg Custom Painting, schedule a free painting estimate by; filling out the form below and after you have entered into an agreement on your painting project with Gregg Custom Painting, then our main office will get in touch with our Interior Design Partners to schedule a free consultation with you.

Call Toll FREE at: 1-877-GO-GREGG  (1-877-464-7344).
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