Energy Saving Thermal Paint

Gregg Custom Painting addresses challenges of energy efficiency with Energy Saving Thermal Paint from Shane Coatings MFG.

Electricity rates have increased 40.3%, with Shane Coatings’ thermal coating systems – optimal energy efficiency can mean the difference between red ink and black ink on your operating ledger books.
Shane Coating’s ENVIROSHIELD™ 8880 Coating Systems represent a revolutionary concept in exterior cool wall coatings. Shane Coatings uses technology used by NASA for heat ray deflection, specially formulated to reflect heat rays from such sources as the sun this can lower exterior wall surface temperatures by as much as 40 degrees when compared to traditional paints in a large amount of colors. Lower exterior temperatures mean lower interior temperatures and because its thermal means in the cooler months it keeps the warmth in and the chill out. Bring your operating cost inline with ENVIROSHIELD™ 8880 Coating Systems.

Gregg Custom Painting is a FULL SERVICE exterior painting and coatings company. Below are technology enhanced products from Shane Coatings MFG. Our exterior house painters are professionally certified installer for Shane Coatings MFG.

Above are Shane Coatings LIFETIME WARRANTY specialty products. Click on the learn more button or contact a Gregg Custom Painting representative to learn more!

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